Friday, March 1, 2013

Signs of Spring

Gardening takes patience and at long last I got another reward yesterday. These rewards rarely come all at once and while my impatience for perfection would argue otherwise, perhaps it's because they only slowly unfold to us that they are truly recognized.

I feel like the lessons I'm reminded of in the garden can also be applied in many other areas of my life; relationships, home, career, family matters- they rarely seem to align harmoniously with one another and I can become at bit compulsive in my quest to make all those jagged little pieces fit together into one happy little puzzle.

But then... suddenly, there are moments of clarity where despite some measure of chaos, all feels somehow renewed and right with the world again. It's these moments that we must stand still in and and take notice of and this morning, I'm doing just that.

Happy weekend to you.


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Kristen said...

So excited to get my garden going this spring! I dream of fluffy flowers spilling out of my yard.

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