Thursday, March 28, 2013

Light My Fire

When I was a kid, my Father built a brick fire pit out in the backyard. I recall it being a big curiosity to me, but in the end, we did not put it to a lot of use. The Mister's family also had a fire pit built in their backyard and it was one of the first things I noticed when he took me home to meet his family so long ago. I always knew we'd build some fire of our own when we finally had the digs for it and after the past two summers spent burning DuraFlame logs out by the pool in our mini, mesh-enclosed, metal fireplace, we finally have a solid plan for a fireside seating area out back. 

Just in time for summer too.

But it took a lot of thought, research and contractor quotes to get to our desired state. The first thing we did was to consider all of the different elements we were shooting for with our fire-scape plans. They really could have gone several ways. 

Just as I did yesterday with the landscape plans out front, I thought I'd end the week tomorrow by giving you a peek at what we are working towards in the backyard. Summer is certainly heating up to be pretty sweet indeed.



Kristen said...

Such great inspiration. LOVE the idea of some sort of fire in the yard. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Soul Pretty said...

Wow...I needed that dose of inspiration...I only have a terrace...but, you would think it was 5 acres...It's in, it's a luxury...and I'm obsessed with turning it into a little slice of paradise...thanks.

Lilly said...

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