Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Great Frame Fake-Out

Here's a follow up to a post I did back in November. We're finally getting around to the "hanging stuff on walls" stage and at last, incorporated some photographic evidence that in fact, real humans actually live here.

Ah. The traditional wedding picture collage. Hopefully those we chose spotlighted some of the more "colorful" moments during the after-party. Yes, that's The Mister and I, doing the "shopping cart" on the dance floor.

But what I really want to focus on is the cost-effective framing solution I came up with. Back in November, I had mentioned my affection for white gallery walls. I knew that I eventually wanted to incorporate some larger, metal frames with white matting to set off our black and white photos.

For this photo vignette, I also knew I was aiming for a more polished look and thus, passed on my typical go-to IKEA solution. Instead, I waited patiently and then hit up the "One-Cent" sale at our local Aaron Brother's, essentially scoring these 18 x 24 frames I'd been stalking as a "two-fer".

However, all this frugality came to a screeching halt when I happened upon another expense roadblock in sizing up the matting. I put my thinking cap on and in the end, opted to purchase some heavy-weight paper and cut it to size myself for each of the frames. Then, I mounted my photos directly on top of the paper with double-sided tape. The result is seamless and looks as though each photograph was professionally framed and matted.


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