Thursday, November 3, 2011

Current Fixation: White Gallery Walls

I love looking at pretty pictures. Interiors, locales, food, fashion, parties. And those who know me best will tell you that once I become truly inspired by something, I'll chew on it until I can figure out how to make that inspiration come to life in my world. It may evolve and morph into something completely different in the end, but it's not always about the finished product with me anyway. It's more often about the journey- the envisioning, the filing away, the planning, the plotting- I put myself on to make it happen that excites me most. Sometimes that journey spans weeks or months- sometimes it's just a day.

Today I'll launch a series I'm calling "Current Fixation"  that will highlight some of the trends I've seen that I'm currently mulling over, thinking about how I will make mine.

Currently "fixed" on clean, white gallery walls.  Wanna see what started it all?

Total bananas.

But then there was this...

(BTW... That bedroom! Sigh.)

And all of this... 

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Originally, I had intended a gallery wall of mini dreamy Lomo pics in our entryway. I had purchased several of these IKEA frames that I thought about hanging in a grid, depicting our favorite vacation locales.

But I ended up finding a colorful and welcoming painting at the Long Beach Flea that I hung there instead. So I still have these to work with.

Honestly, I'm longing for something more dramatic and personal these days. Maybe a black and white collage of family photos set in sleek white frames or large chromed out frames with white matting trickling down the hall?

Still working out the details.

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