Monday, August 27, 2012

[Handmade Birthday] Personalized for a Six-Year Old

I'm returning from my little posting hiatus last week to share with you a project I worked on in honor of my nephew's 6th birthday. All of the painted plastic animal projects floating around inspired me to go mostly monochrome in creating some personalized bookends that he could display in his room. At six, he's already a Motocross and BMX enthusiast, so I knew that I had to incorporate one or the other into the design. I paired the bookends with a couple of framed downloads found free via QA Designs . One shows an outline of Argentina and the other Italy, a representation of his family background. I simply had these printed as at 11x14 and then framed them up.

I think they were a hit...

The time away from the blog last week allowed me to get some of my creative juices flowing once more. I dove into a couple of projects around the house- one pretty major overhaul I hope to share the results of by the end of the week (or early next). I'm crossing my fingers that I can pull it off. After taking the summer off from house projects, it felt good to get back to it and start working on that old list again.

Wishing you a great week ahead, as we make our way towards the last holiday weekend of the season.


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