Friday, February 10, 2012

Seeing Things in Black and White

Can I just tell you how long I waited to finally buy this duvet set from West Elm? I waited so long that in fact I did not even buy it...but this lucky girl got her birthday wish hand delivered from the UPS guy this week thanks to some generous and sympathetic family members.

Is there anything better than sliding into crisp clean sheets topped with fluffy pillows and a sweet new duvet...just in time for the weekend? I say not.

And in black and white ikat chevron? Now I know there is nothing better.

I'm telling you, no matter how hard I try to infuse some technicolor into this 1960's house of ours, I always defer back to the old classic black and white. It's been a reliable, comfortable, long term relationship what can I say. I wish I knew how to quit you.

And just to prove I'm on a roll, there is also this impulse purchase that we picked up on an unexpected shopping jaunt last weekend. I absolutely had to have it. Don't ask me where it will end up. I have no idea.

Among the many things I've got planned over the next couple of days is a bit of decorating at the ol' House. I may not be ready for a serious color commitment, but there are certainly more colorful objects I've had my eye on that will help bring in a little more balance and cheer this place up. Here's hoping I'll be brave enough to push out of my comfort zone a bit.


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