Monday, February 27, 2012

Poolside Glassware

This mild Southern California winter already has me thinking about lounging the summer away by the pool. I find myself "pinning" poolside images, searching for swimwear and caftans, and of course, the perfect pool-appropriate drink ware for all those citrusy libations we'll be whipping up.

Our big Friday night out had us swinging by our local Target store, where I happened upon a rack full of clearance acrylic-ware. Of course I had to scoop up some in that colorful zig zag pattern. But how fab is the collection featuring blue and black leaves? In my haste (as I slid the whole shelf of chevron into our cart), I'm afraid I barely gave them a thought.  But at $1.49 each, I can easily convince myself that we should have them both. 

I'm also digging those baskets. Is it wrong that all I see is a heap of crispy, salted french fries when I look at those things?

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