Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Inspiration is Everywhere: Abstract by Nicholas Alan Cope

Inspiration is truly everywhere these days. For all it's faults, the Internet has exposed us to different ways of living, new ideas about food and eating, DIY instructions for every project worth imagining and consistently offers us a portal into other ways of doing.

I'm continuing to spotlight some of my recent finds, work that I think is so crazy good or inventive that I feel an obligation to share.

I happened upon this series by photographer Nicholas Alan Cope this week. Another series he did titled Stamen was featured on one of my daily reads and what can I say? I was a so arrested by the subject and all the vivid colors, that suddenly made something so morbid at once startling and beautiful, that I had to see some of his other works.

It appears lighting struck twice because I'm just as taken with all the jaw dropping colors captured in some of his other work as I was the former. I shouldn't spoil the surprise, but Abstract is a series he did for Filler Magazine using of all things- cosmetics.

You can check out his work featured in the January edition of Filler here.

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