Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fernando Santangello

I've had these images of photographer Joshua Jordan's apartment saved in my inspiration file for quite some time. I'm no longer sure how I stumbled upon them, but I do know they were enough to leave me wanting to see more of the apartment I've long admired for it's uncluttered simplicity, roughly honed textures and reserved, yet sharply contrasted color palette. It's so undeniably masculine, but I could easily see myself living amongst all the grainy wood, charcoal slate and chrome accents quite happily.

This bathroom kills me.

I've learned that the apartment was designed by Jordan's friend Fernando Santangello, who also designed the famous Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. As luck would have it, his website offers a couple of other images that give a more complete look at this amazing space.

Some of the other spaces featured in Santangello's online portfolio offer a similar simplicity, reflecting carefully curated furnishings that are more reliant on the individual craftsmanship of the artifacts and less on unnecessary decorative adornment.

Some new favorites featuring my latest trifecta- Carrera, exposed lightbulbs and wood detailing are shared below.

West Village Apartment
New York Loft
Los Olivos, CA


Carolina Eclectic said...

Oooooh, fantastic! Love every pic, but most especially the kitchen. That's the sort of kitchen I would like to have some day, w/out so many cabinets.

nora chou said...

that is stunningly, elegant!! - if you've got any posts of office/exhibition spaces, do let me know! - working on a project right now and needing some inspiration! - do send me a link! :)



elissa e said...

I agree that his use of natural wood grains and stone is stunning. Love the vintage sink with the modern marble shower. Great juxtapositions through out his portfolio...isn't that what great design is about? Ps: I would die to stay in that room in Los Olivos. Perfect place to curl up after a long day of wine tasting in the country.

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