Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blue Velvet

As part of my overall plan to infuse some color into Holtwood House, I've been on a mad hunt for new throw pillows to punch up our charcoal grey sectional. I spotted a pair that would have been perfect while at the Flea this past weekend, but sadly someone else got there first and they went home with another.

Looking for ideas, I hit up Pinterest and one "Pin" was all it took. Why (oh why) was I not brave enough to consider a blue couch?

Let me preface all this by saying- I'm madly in love with our sectional. We call it the "Elvis couch" because its size is so decadent, it reminds us of something Priscilla and Elvis would have sprawled out on in Graceland. It's fab and it's here to stay (I'm told we're probably never buying another couch again). But good golly... couldn't you just dive right into this sea of blue?

This is the one. Right here. Look at that thing! It reminds me a little of our "Elvis Couch" actually, but that aquamarine is the exact shade I'd go for if I could. Shouldn't they be a little happier they are sitting on that masterpiece?

All via Pinterest

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elissae said...

Ive been eyeing a blue couch ever since the last season of Secrets of a Stylist. Emily Henderson featured a beautiful one on a guest house redo. The inky water hue caught my eye as it lounged in the background while she highlighted the rug and tables.
Saw a navy armless sofa at CB2 that could suffice until funds are saved up for the real deal.

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