Monday, February 6, 2012

Paint and Persuasion

I love looking out into the backyard to see this. 

Because it used to look like this.

The Mister wanted the rusted out "ghetto shed" ripped out and hauled away. I admit it looked pretty beat up and sad sitting out there in the corner. But first impressions can be deceiving and convenient storage for all of our gardening supplies was not something I was quick to dismiss. I always say a fresh coat of paint can fix almost everything.

So one day I went out and did this. And then I painted our monogram right on the face of it and made it his. Surely he would have to embrace the shed now.  I also put in a little patio using some flagstone pavers leftover from another backyard project and gave it a bright and shiny new welcome mat.

Later I scored these vintage metal handles off Etsy for $10.00, which brought in a little Regency glam to our so-so shed.

I think he came around. He now admits that it's serving us well, housing our gardening tools, unused pottery and bags of soil- even all of our pool toys and supplies.  In the end, I think it was just hard to resist a pretty face. 


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That's a great transformation. Good job! I've always wanted a shed and now you've got me thinking about one again.

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