Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fiddle Me This

Forget Roses. I'm hoping my Valentine brings me a Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Even a singular tree makes quite a statement. But they effortlessly provide some necessary balance and symmetry when featured in pairs. I've been prone to using succulents around our home. They are easy to maintain with a clean, sculptural quality that I'm drawn to. But there is no denying the powerful punch these babies can bring to a room- and in much the same way.  I love how in the first and last images they almost form a canopy over the seating area. Talk about bringing the outdoors in.

How 'bout you? What types of plants do you prefer in your home?

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elissa e said...

You know I love anything fig! These are really beauties. Might be better suited for my living spaces as they probably tolerate dry climates better than the usual mini palms and exotics I keep trying to coax into a corner of my living room. But then there is always the Wax Leaf Privet and Dwarf Wheeler ;)
Also reminds me that I need to get a fruit-bearing variety in the ground as soon as we get a new place. mmmmmmm.

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