Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fresh Garden Picks // Potted Store LA

File this one in your little black book. I've got a store chock full of seriously cool garden accessories to introduce you to and I'm sharing my top picks with you today.

But first, a little background and how I came to stumble upon this little gem.
I've made no attempt to hide my excitement over our big fire bowl install and this weekend, after four seemingly very long weeks, we headed up to LA to finally pick it up. But the truth is, we've been waiting much longer than that to find just the right one to build into our poolside landscape plan. For months now, we'd find one that was just the right look, but reached far outside our budget or we'd find one within budget, but we knew that when we brought it home, the quality would not be as it was in pictures. But then one day, the search lead us to Potted, a little storefront oasis tucked right in between two other buildings on Los Feliz Blvd in LA. If you're not looking for it, you would certainly miss it.

When I ordered up the bowl, after only seeing the online photo, the lady on the other end of the phone assured me that I would just die when I saw it, that it was just fabulous and there's no way I wouldn't be happy with it. It was non-refundable once ordered and totally out of character for me, I put a lot of faith into her pitch. We opted to pick up and get around the $200 delivery fee. I think I was just intrigued by the products listed on the website and wanted to get a look at this place for myself. 

It's truly a little oasis, filled with their own pottery designs, cool garden artwork and fountains. There is a small assortment of plants- mostly structural succulent varieties. Really though, the focus is not on the plants here, but the flair. I noticed the large metal house numbers filled with grass hanging next to the front door right away. As I wound my way around the store, I made a couple of notes for future reference - like how I must be sure to order up the black and white graphic outdoor rug that had my name written all over it. 

In the end after seeing these babies up close and personal, I came away with my top Potted picks - just for you!

They have a nice assortment of wire patio furniture as well - a little out of my budget range, but fabulous all the same. Budget set aside, the Acapulco chairs and "Bend" Ottoman would be at the top of my own wish list.

Did I mention that the gals at Potted are super cool and easy to work with?  In their former lives, they might have designed sets and written for Hollywood, but there isn't an ounce of pretense when they greet you at the front door and welcome you into their store. 

The home garden is a bit of an equalizer isn't it? We might abide by different budgets and come at it from a different design perspective, but we're really all after the same thing - an end of the workday, all weekend long respite just outside our back door where we can escape from it all.



Anonymous said...

your new firepit is awesome! I think I would have been sold just by the name...I love my wok :)

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

So true.... a garden is always an equalizer somehow. My daughter would die for that grass peace sign....Love the furniture and all the cute pots! I love your large bowl!

Holly Foxen Wells of Glamour Mash said...

OMG What an amazing piece! Def a conversation starter! I just bought a house with my boy and we only have a little patio... SO going to miss having a place to garden! Enjoy your space for the both of us!

Holly Foxen Wells

Kristen said...

Ok I'm loving everything! I think it's so hard to find the perfect outdoor furniture and accessories.

Ethan Smith said...

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