Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Outdoor Fabrics That Play It Cool

As we wrap up our latest spring fling and spruce up around the pool deck, I have found myself looking into some new fabrics for final outdoor upholstery projects. In earlier days, I might have been a little more frugal in selecting fabric for use by the pool. After all, suntan lotion {and perspiration} combined with spilled drinks and condiment droppings make it difficult to keep anything nice for more than a season. But just because these fabrics will take a beating doesn't mean we need to resort to some Mass Club grade beige or orange. This year, there are plenty of durable designer textiles that'll help us play it cool by the pool. 

Here I'm sharing a few of my favorites. 

The fabric on the white patio banquettes has held up pretty well over the last two years, but I'm envisioning something different. We also are working on a seating plan around our new fire bowl- one that will incorporate some overstuffed cushions. 

Any guesses on which ones I'm leaning towards?



Kristen said...

I feel like I have been seeing so many more options for outdoor fabric this season! I totes love the vintage strip or Pelada!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh I can't decide on my favorite...stripes and greek keys are great for outdoors, but I also love love the Trina Turk and the Swish! Can't wait to see what you decide!!!

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

the green perennials swish please!!! its beautiful!

Anonymous said...

the perennials swish for me as well! looking forward to seeing your pick :)

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