Wednesday, May 1, 2013

On Trend // Flanged Upholstery

I have ideas and they involve flanged seams. I've never considered myself one for lazy fabrics or slipcovered furniture. Truth be told that I probably would always have have opted for the clean look of piping sewn tightly into the edge of velvet or linen if anything. But this more modern welt style adds just the right amount of structure to an otherwise informal look and it's got me reconsidering my former position on upholstery. 

Truth be told, it's the mini-flange that has turned my head - not the floppy, wide flange typically sewn into bed pillow shams or throw pillows. I have my sights set on this style for the outdoor sofa we are designing. Lucky for me, lately I've had lots of high end prototypes to take inspiration from.

"Bliss" Down-filled Sectional
"Bliss" Ottoman
"Holly" Dining Chair

"Fulham" Collection
"Ibiza" Outdoor Collection
"Oasis" Sofa
"Zuni" Pouf

"Marco" Outdoor Pouf
"Brisbane" Sofa
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Anonymous said...

If you asked me to say what that was called, I wouldn't have been able to tell you. Glad to know now. And I absolutely love this look!!! xo

Preciously Me said...

As you usually I don't like slipcovered furniture but seeing those beautiful pictures ... I love this idea especially in white on the first 2 pictures, it seems like the furniture look fresher or like if it was a summer house!

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