Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Project Reveal // Updated Patio Table

I've been hinting at several projects still in the works that will complete our backyard reno this summer. One of these was a make-over of our existing patio table set. We considered upgrading to a brand new set this year. After all, the patio table and chairs we already owned had been painted and repainted several times over the past 8 years. 

But I really liked our garage sale find chairs and the structure of our old IKEA table and decided to try my hand at updating them once more. 

If you are following me along on Instagram, you've likely already seen a partial reveal. For those of you  who are not, behold - a modern re-do on our old patio dining set.

We repurposed the old base, painting it black to match the new paint on the chairs. The old tabletop was weathered beyond repair and needed to be ditched. 

A quick trip (or three) to Home Depot and I returned with some pre-cut pieces of birch that would form our new table top. They were in pretty good shape to begin with, but I sanded all sides of each board down to a smooth finish before then staining all sides. 

I enlisted The Mister to help me put it all together. On the underside, we ran four boards vertically to allow for extra support and durability. Once constructed, the tabletop was screwed back into the painted  IKEA metal base and then coated several times in Varathane for weather and sun protection.

These favorite chairs were picked up as leftovers from a garage sale that had largely sold through and get this... for a mere $10. When we originally bought them, they were a rusty chrome. Eventually, we painted them white and that look held us over for several years. 

Currently, I'm feeling the black paired with warm wood vibe and this new combination is quite at home in our redesigned backyard. Our patio bar on the opposite side of the yard is constructed of the same wood and stained the same light walnut. 

Eventually, we will probably swap out the seat cushions for a darker fabric. For now, they are in pretty decent shape and we will probably squeeze one more year out of them.

Despite all the weeknight labor that went into this, it was a really satisfying project. We're already planning for lots of al fresco, poolside dinners this summer.



sharon smith said...

Looks great. What a difference.

Anonymous said...

It looks amazing. I am loving the black with warm wood combo as well! And your pool looks so refreshing in the background :)

celine{starbiesandsangrias} said...

Golly. You are so crafty. The chairs and table look amazing, and your pool looks delightful. When is the grand opening pool party this summer? Pencil me in.

Kristen said...

I am sooooooo jealous of those chairs! I'd pay a pretty penny for those, can't believe you got them for a steal. Just in time for summer. Looks great.

Kelli Flores said...

These look amazing! I've been minorly (read: majorly) obsessed with rehabbed patio furniture lately, and this is one of my new favorites!

{The Design Daredevil} Jessie D. Miller said...

This ROCKS!!!! I LOVE those chairs, they look comfy too! The table looks great also. AMAZING JOB!!!!

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