Friday, May 17, 2013

Advice to Brides That Will Be

Today, we're 5 years in.
In the midst of wedding season and all the stress and nerves that go into planning a wedding, may I offer up a bit of unsolicited advice?

When you think back on your wedding day and look through your wedding album, I'm willing to bet that you probably won't even remember the color of your nail polish, how the cake tasted or the meaningless family squabbles. What you'll remember most about your wedding day are moments like these, when you finally let it all go and just enjoyed that one perfect night. 

In the end, it all seems to work out anyway.



Linda {Calling it Home} said...

So sweet, and so true! Congratulations on 5 years.

Kristen said...

You are so right. It's funny how seriously we take our weddings in the planning process. At the end of the day only a few things really matter. Happy anniversary!

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

Congratulations!!! Happy Anniversary!! I hope you have some fun plans to celebrate. Since everyone told me repeatedly how fast the evening goes by I really made an effort to enjoy every single minute...and even remember all the details (like the nail polish I was wearing!, I do!). The only thing I wish is that I had had more time with everyone.....but the dancing into dawn with all my fave people and being surrounded by so many loved ones at the same time was magical.You are right, everything turns out alright in the end! xx and congrats again!

Emily Davis said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you guys celebrate BIG!

Erin | Holtwood Hipster said...

Thanks girls! Appreciate the well wishes!

Ryann Swan {Shades of Chic} said...

Adorable! As someone who just made it thru my first month of marriage I completely agree!

Happy Anniversary!

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