Monday, May 6, 2013

Virtual Shopping Spree // Bird + Belle

Today, I'm taking you on a little virtual shopping spree with me and my two nieces - affectionately known to me as Bird + Belle. I stumbled upon these latest little fashions over at Zara Kids last night and could not help but put together a few looks that could easily be mixed and matched to create an entire summer wardrobe.

First up, my 7 year old niece "Bird". She's already a true fashionista so I had to give her plenty of options. I love how the pops of leopard, floral, stripes and dots play with ruffles, glitter and lace in these combinations.  

 My toddler niece "Belle" is currently learning her colors. These bright hues play right into that and will keep her stylish and cool all summer long. Every little girl needs a pair of cowboy boots, no? And as an auntie who loves to see our girl all gussied up, I could not resist the picture perfect frocks offered by Zara's baby line up. 


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designstiles said...

I like how you refer to it as Bird + Belle. That totally sounds like a cute clothing line. You should market that.

Little Zara dresses are the cutest. I love the pink and green one.

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