Thursday, May 9, 2013

Filler Floral // In Defense of Greenery Arrangements

Taking advantage of some of the unique flowers that are only available this time of year, Spring weddings in particular are filled with colorful blooms. But seasonal blooms can certainly become costly. Today, I'm here to make my argument in defense of another option many brides disregard, but one that can be just as unique and beautiful-  and a much less costly endeavor at that. 

Here I present a defense for an all green arrangement.

Always drawn to the dark side, I'm partial Nicolette Owen's take, with her moody and explosive smoke bush arrangement in a modern glass jug (above). This would look sensational paired against a dark tablecloth, or backlit by candlelight. 

But, I will plead my case with some other examples as well.

Exhibit A - Preston Bailey 
Master stylist Preston Bailey recreates a  table top tree out of Philodendron leaves.
Exhibit B - P. Allen Smith via Tobi Fairley

P. Allen Smith uses Chinaberry as a coffee table centerpiece. This draping arrangement would be just as much of a conversation starter en masse, down the center of a long dining table.
Exhibit C - Petite Pots

Sansevieria trifasciata, also called snake plant or mother-in-law's tongue potted amongst other succulents in an urn makes for a modern take on a classical arrangement
Exhibit D - Mark D. Sikes via House Beautiful
 Mark D. Sikes makes a welcoming arrangement out of simple eucalyptus in this house's foyer. 

Exhibit E - Nanette Gower via Urbanlist

Nanette Gower rebels against a typical floral bouquet, creating a tropical looking bouquet out of succulents and lily foliage.
Exhibit F - Bash Please via Style Me Pretty

Bash Please kept it wild near the alter with lush branches flanked by fern and english ivy. 
Exhibit G - Honey of a Thousand Flowers via Once Wed
Speaking of fern, Honey of a Thousand Flowers shows us that sometimes less really is more. Paired only with candles, this arrangement even forgoes vases, making it one of the best ways to make a floral statement on even the leanest of budgets.


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sharon smith said...

Ok, I'm heading out into the yard to go cut some greenery. Pics are inspiring.

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