Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Refined and Affordable Office Art

On any given day, my brain is teeming with ideas. I picture them buzzing around like little pinballs, slingshoting their way around inside my head, bound to hit one obstacle or another I unwittingly throw in their way. Out of my budget, beyond my abilities, not enough time; many times these little bursts of inspiration never find the target and slip down the "drain".

But today I'm sharing one I scored big time with.

I've been making some changes to my home office, shifting gears from whimsical and fun to a slightly more refined look. It once gave me a quick {and cheap} burst of color when I really needed it, but I knew straight away that I was ready to change out the color-blocked wall art I previously hung above my desk. But what to replace it with?

Once that A-HA! moment hit, it manifested itself into this... 

The result: a visually interesting, colorful and budget friendly art installation that will ultimately influence the final color palette in this room's make over. 

Inspiration sources:  Lonny / KFD Designs / Centsational Girl



Kristen said...

NICE. Looks like it turned out beautifully. Can't wait to see the rooms final outcome.

Emily Davis said...

What an impact! Looks awesome!

xoxo, Emily

designstiles said...

So smart. This creates a whole wall of movement.

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