Monday, October 22, 2012

Layered Fall Beds


Part of my fall ritual has always involved cozying up our bedroom by changing up the bedding, adding candles and other warm, inviting effects. It's nice transition from summertime, when it's really the opposite and all about a clean, uncomplicated look- white bedding, less clutter on floors and surfaces- anything that will make it feel cooler in the house. Two years in now at Holtwood House and I've learned how seasonal lighting changes effect the temperature in certain parts of our home- including the bedroom. A room that seemingly gets bright light and no circulation in the summer suddenly becomes much darker and draftier in the fall and winter.

I'm in the process of pulling out old standbys and hunting for some new layers to incorporate. A layered bed works perfectly here in the Southwest, when cooler days can quickly give way to a week of high pressure and warm Santa Ana winds.

Here are some good examples of tricks I like to use when fluffing up our fall bedroom.

I'm not big on bright colors this time of year. But layering on different tones can help keep an otherwise neutral, one-dimensional bed visually interesting. Of course, bed making is optional.

Faded fall light seems to have a narcotic effect on me. It's the only season where I allow myself to take a mid-day snooze. Chunky cable knit throws seem to beckon me to curl up for an afternoon nap.


The more pillows the better this time of year.
'Nuff said.


There is also something a little primitive about the season, no? Cozy faux fur can help warm up that crisp white bedding, making it the perfect place to hibernate during the cooler days and nights. 
This year might just be the year of the tiger at Holtwood House.


It's a trick fit for any season really and a pre-requisite for good layered look. I admit I'm still practicing when it comes to layering different patterns. But I've always been keen to a bed made with more threadier, grainier textiles on top of our softer linens.


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