Friday, October 26, 2012

Around Here // Neutral Fall Nook

Residing on the patio just outside our kitchen door is this little nook that I just love at the moment.

It really all began with the mirror. Months ago, I had spotted a similar mirror in a longer, skinnier shape at my local Home Goods and foolishly left it behind, convinced that I'd return the following week to purchase it. I broke the cardinal rule of shopping at Home Goods, something I was reminded of the very next day when I decided I couldn't live without it and returned to the store, only to find somebody else had felt the very same way. To no avail, I scoured every other location within reach to find a duplicate.

I stopped in last week and found it's larger, fuller twin and after hanging it where it was always intended out on the patio, I celebrated by dressing up the surrounding area for the season. I whipped up a little skirt for the cart beneath it that holds all of our pool towels and paired it up with the Moroccan style hamper I decked out last week. But it finally all came together once I threw in a few studded pumpkins just like the fab ones Erika over at Small Shop came up with. They added just the right polish to this neutral nook.

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