Friday, June 22, 2012

{Project Reveal} DIY Cabana Awning

I've been hinting around now for several weeks about a big project I've been working on at Holtwood House and today, I'm finally able to reveal the final result. If you recall, in Monday's post, I shared some of my favorite poolside awnings with you and told you that The Mister and I were looking into one in order to bring a little "hotel" to our own pool deck. Well, I wrapped this baby up just in time for our first "stay-cation" of the year. That's right friends- while I'm off the clock next week, I'll be enjoying a poolside cocktail under our own poolside cabana.

You should know a couple of things about this project.

This started out using the existing metal patio structure built onto the house. While that afforded us a nice sturdy frame, it also provided some challenges that had to be solved creatively.  

How and where to hang it were the two biggest challenges we faced in light of the fact that any holes drilled into the structure would compromise water resistance. We were also working with metal- not wood- which required bulkier nuts and bolts vs. screws and nails in some very tight spaces. Most of all, this thing has to stay put. We are prone to Santa Anas around these parts and we had to put our heads together to figure out a way to sidestep holes in critical areas while providing adequate support. 

But, all of that naturally were problems I waited to solve later, while I dove headlong into 50 feet of Sunbrella fabric to sew 'er up. In the end, we were able to find a non-critical "lip" of metal that spanned the perimeter of our patio, allowing us space for those anchor holes we so desperately needed to drill. Add to that dozens of methodically placed grommets, zip ties, baste stitches and we finally have ourselves a cabana fit for a hotel. 

Oh... you want to know what's going on with that bar? 

That would be the second House Bar I mentioned in Tuesday's post. My Pops built it. Isn't it delish?
We cut an 8 ft section out of the patio wall and he spent several weeks knee deep in saw dust, sandpaper and stain, designing our poolside perch. All that work deserves it's own post don't you think? I'll give you a proper tour soon. There are a lot of details there inside and out that I don't want you to miss!

Ironically, I'll be kicking off my vacation with drinks by a famous LA pool. Want to guess? I'll be sure to share some snaps via Instagram. Are you following holtwoodhipster yet?

Until then... cheers! Vacation or not, it's Friday friends. 



LOdom said...

Love it ! I would love to have that out my back door ! I'm new to your blog & I've enjoyed following the progress on your house :)

Emily Davis said...

Oh my gosh it looks SO good! And doesn't it make it THAT much better that you did it yourself?? Great job!

xoxo, Emily

Erin | Holtwood Hipster said...

I'm pretty excited about it! Thanks for stopping in to check out the blog!

Erin | Holtwood Hipster said...

Thanks Emily! For sure- aside from the money saved, it feels pretty good to have finally tackled a challenge I gave myself over a year ago for that space... and I'm pretty thrilled with the result:) It's going to be nice this summer!

celine [starbies and sangrias] said...

OMG. That is freaking incredible. Come build one in my backyard, won't ya?? xoxo

house of earnest said...

wow! that is unbelievable! I love it! You did SUCH a great job!

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