Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The House Bar

The Mister and I are party people, people. One of the reasons we chose Holtwood House was because it afforded us the perfect layout and tons of space for entertaining family and friends. As we walked from room to room, imagining our future in the house that became ours, we would volley ideas, saying "this would be the perfect space for this, or that"- often relevant to some future fete that we would host.  One of the areas we earmarked- almost as early as our first walk-thru, was the area that would become the house bar... well the first of two.

The built in area sits in the main hub of the house, adjacent to the kitchen/dining area and right off the entryway. It is one of the first areas that welcome visitors to our home and while we use it frequently ourselves- even when not entertaining, we wanted anyone who visits to feel free to pour themselves a cocktail and kick up their feet.

How well space is used when entertaining is critical. Luckily, the built in cabinets that already existed in the house were well appointed with plenty of storage space above and below. The kicker was the built in cutting board that slides out when extra counter space is needed.

I mentioned that this is only one of two such spaces in our home. There is another area just outside the patio doors where we can belly up and pour ourselves a cocktail to be enjoyed by the pool. We've nearly stocked it up for the season and soon, this area will be well used once again with summertime fun to come. I'll share a sneak peak in a follow up post here shortly.


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