Friday, June 8, 2012

Ombre Tassel Necklace

Tassel Necklace

My niece, affectionately known to me as "Bird", turned 6 this week. It's sort of a big benchmark birthday, don't you think? No longer a Kindergartner with early afternoon pick ups, she'll be attending full school days as a bonafide First Grader this September.

I have a special relationship with this one. She's a very charismatic girly girl, a real fashionista way beyond her limited years on this planet, with sharp as a tack intelligence. I just adore her and have catered to her disposition for (kid appropriate) high fashion since her earliest years.

So when I spotted this little DIY project Clemence shared on her blog recently, I knew it'd be the perfect birthday gift for her.

Tassel Necklace

I even found a necklace stand over at Home Goods- appropriately topped with a little bird so that she can display her fringy new bibs.

For my take on this DIY project, I skipped the dip-dye steps and used pre-dyed embroidery thread. I also found that it was easier to fold the tied bundle of string over the chain and then lasso the tassel at the top once it was already slung over the chain, rather than threading the chain through the top of a finished tassel (Step 3 in the original tutorial). 

Fancy, no? A little turquoise leopard gift wrap completed the gift for our little sassy six year old.   I can't wait to watch her tear the package open at her upcoming birthday party this weekend. I'm praying she doesn't roll her eyes and say "Auntie, that is so last year..."

Hope there is a little fancy in your weekend too... see you back here next week!


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