Thursday, June 21, 2012

{Other} Home Bars

Amy Lau

In yesterday's post,  I shared a peek at our own House Bar. Today, I thought I'd showcase some of my favorite built-ins and bar cart set ups found elsewhere. I love to see the clever ways designers or just homeowners in general incorporate this feature.

Because of our own home set-up, I'm slightly partial to built-ins vs. stand alone tables and carts.  I also love the look of all the pretty bottles displayed out and about all together. But some of these hide-away versions out there  are really pretty special, no? It'd be nice to be able to close up the doors and lock it all away with children running about the house.

Sasa Antic
James Wagman
Frank Features via Aubrey Road
Pretty much my dream set up. Cold beers at the ready via under-counter fridge. Yes please!

Another well appointed set up above. No need or detail left out. It's all right there.

Jen Altman via Design Sponge
Loving the artwork flanking the two carts above. 

Luis Bustamante
Sort of the end all be all entertaining space right? Two built in fridges to boot. 

You know, I got to thinking that it really doesn't have to  be a boozy display. Favorite bottled sodas, an espresso set up, even a pretty decanter of spa-water and your favorite glassware, can play the same role and provide an at-the-ready station to help welcome guests. I'm already thinking of incorporating a pitcher as a daily reminder to keep hydrated this summer.

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