Monday, January 9, 2012

Sunny Side Up

I think citrus is one of mother nature's greatest little gifts. It really has it all doesn't it? First comes its vibrant, fresh nose, then the tart and sour bite followed by sticky, syrupy, chin dripping sweetness.

It's also the perfect palette cleanser at the beginning of the year, a little bit of summer to counter the dreariness of winter that still lies ahead. I get all kinds of excited walking by the produce stand and seeing  the freshly picked stacks of navels, clementines, kumquats and grapefruit.

It's also as beautiful indoors as it is out.

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Inspired, I started brightening up the house with some Meyer lemons from our tree and a heaping box of Cara Caras we were lucky enough to get our hands on over the weekend. Seriously. Have you ever tried a Cara Cara navel? If you haven't, you're surely missing out on one of life's greatest pleasures.  Next up, some kumquats. Maybe I can coerce the neighbor into gifting us some from her burgeoning tree.

The recipe line up for this week includes some salad and sorbet recipes to break up those chilly work nights and savor all this sunny goodness.
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