Thursday, January 12, 2012

Current Fixation: Gold Cutlery

The title of this post should actually read "forever fixated". I've long loved gold- from the {un}precious metals that dangle about my neck, to the precious accessories that adorn our home. I've even been known to go on rampages with the spray gun, gilding lackluster flea market finds until they shine like new.

Just before we moved into our home, I found myself sitting in front of Colin Cowie as he presented his latest goods on HSN and I swooned over this greek key pattern dish ware. Gold + greek key = entertaining heaven in my book.

Delivery in hand, I declared that we'd be breaking out the "fine china" often once we had the additional space for entertaining. Truth be told, though there has been a lot of entertaining over the year we've lived at Holtwood House, we've used it but once. I love the stuff though and I'm yearning to finally pair it up with the gold cutlery that has been beckoning on my wish list.

A couple of years back, there seemed to be a dearth of it. But behold, there are lots of options these days in my beloved gold.


Anthropologie  | Have you seen also their bronze?
West Elm


The jury is still out on which one I'll go with. The Mepra set has the right sheen to it, but is probably cost prohibitive. I'm loving the profile on the DVF and and Gilt settings. The West Elm set is priced accessibly and I like that it has a two tone look with the platinum on the knife. It's also informal enough that it could easily substitute in with our daily-use-solid-white modern dinnerware as well- a win, win as far as I'm concerned.

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