Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Girl Interrupted

So the New Year didn't quite start off with the kind of bang that I had envisioned. Remember this?

Ok, well that didn't happen- yet. Because it will my friends, it will. Sometimes best intentions and well built plans don't go the way they should. I'm learning to be OK with that, really... I am. It's been a bumpy road to get comfortable with this idea, because despite all of the energy, organization and investment I tend to pour into making things happen, I've come to realize that we can not control everything in this life- we actually control far less than we'd like to. 2011's biggest life lesson- keep an eye on the future, but live in the present. Sometimes, it's all you have.

What ended up happening instead was probably the luckiest of substitutes. I'm taking it as a good omen and a reminder that good times lie ahead in 2012.

Here's a glimpse of what NYE looked like through the Hipster's lens.

We even said sayonara to 2011 with this. Oh yes... we did. I always wondered what "poppin' the Cris" was like.

How fortunate to be able to quietly ring in the New Year with friends that rework their plans at the drop of a hat to share a toast and a meal with you.  The Mister and I... we have a lot of those.

All photos via Holtwood Hipster and Holtwood Hipster via Windsor Anderson on Pinterest

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