Monday, January 23, 2012

{Re} Werked

Remember how I recently posted about my riff on a Franz Kline painting for my living room? There were actually two canvases I painted in black and white to hang side by side above the couch. Well, I knew I'd eventually want to layer it up a bit more and had planned to go with some more white painted over the bold black strokes. I had also gotten a few comments that the former version (shown above) looked a lot like chinese calligraphy. Not the look I was going for.

Over the weekend I pulled both canvases off the wall and layered on not only some more white, but nude, some more white, some more black and then some more nude as well. I think I'm finally pleased with how they turned out- so chunky and layered. I keep walking in the room to stare at them.

How 'bout a closer look?

Unfortunately the reworked versions may warrant some edits to the rest of the living room decor in order to better compliment the paintings. The paintings were initially intended to compliment the existing decor. Figures. After getting an early peek at the new look, a good friend shared this perspective:  

I definitely think it can be applied to my ongoing quest for home decor nirvana as well.

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