Thursday, January 5, 2012

Have You Met?

This my friends, is the one and only Dylan. He's my alarm clock, my {heavy} warm blanket, my little shadow.

He frequently vacations with us. The Viceroy Palm Springs is his favorite.

The Dude also sleeps a lot. Often with his eyes open. Don't ask...

He does sun salutations.

And eats like no other living, breathing creature on this planet.

That is seared Ahi he's scarfing down for his 7th birthday. 

He also has a thing for fine upholstered furniture. I wish he didn't.

I won't ever be the kind of blogger that posts daily dog photos. But, this little dream machine just might appear here from time to time, so I figured a proper introduction was in order. Honestly, I can't believe he hasn't yet. He's quite the little stalker.

First photo courtesy of M.Ennis / All others via Holtwood Hipster

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