Tuesday, January 10, 2012

{Day}tripping: Malibu

The Mister and I woke up to subsiding Santa Anas and Spring-like temps on Sunday morning. With the first cup of coffee in our bellies, we decided to take full advantage and cruised the Coop up to Malibu. I don't know if there is a better place on the planet to practice kicking back on a Sunday.

I had a little hit list- beach, Farmers Market, something delicious to eat and some landscaping ideas to bring back to the homestead.  See, we're starting to shape out our next step reno plans for Holtwood House and the front exterior and landscaping are both high on the priority list.  As long as he got to play passenger seat DJ, the Mister was in.

We hit the beach first. Took down a mental note to park on the highway next time and avoid the $8 fee for the lot. Nonetheless, the nearly deserted beach and clear blue sky was worth every penny.

Next, we hit up the Farmer's Market. Snagged some ruby red and golden beets for roasting later this week. They were already freshly peeled, shorn and bagged up for the taking. I can't wait to toss in olive oil, sea salt, fresh garlic and thyme for dinner one night this week.  Kelly Wearstler helped put beets back on my plate. Reconverted, I now also like to toss them in a balsamic marinade that I whip up after roasting to chill before finally eating.

We walked from there over to the Malibu Country Mart and The Lumberyard for some window shopping. I think I was more taken with the landscaping than anything else and snapped a few shots for my inspiration board. Feeling the contrast of tawny stained woods against darker paints and foliage these days and I think some of our work on the house will eventually reflect this modern palette.

We grabbed a bite at Greek hot spot Taverna Tony's- stopping short of the bigger plates with homemade soup, crusty bread and a spread of amazing dips. The House Dip- a blend of red caviar, lemon, olive oil, garlic and avocado might be one of the best things this foodie has ever eaten.

A return trip with Dylan is already in the works. We quickly realized that this town is dog friendly- so much so that the drinking fountains were outfitted with three taps- one for adults, one for kids and one for their four-legged friends. We wished we had thought to bring him along.

We made it home by sunset for happy hour and some Taverna Tony's take out that we brought back with us. All in all, the perfect end to what ended up being a perfect day-trip.

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