Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{Progress Report} Vegetable Garden

Over the weekend I made a little progress on the side yard. Recall this post where I shared the plan to finally realize the vegetable garden of our dreams? Well over the past year, the area we've set aside for that has been used as our go-to renovation storage; wayward patio furniture, displaced sand and dirt, wheelbarrows and random things we've pulled off of the house have been stashed here where they've been temporarily out of sight.

Not out of mind. As each planting season has come and gone, I've been dying to tackle cleanup in this space and with the mild temperatures this weekend, put forth the effort to just get it done.

We previously had overgrown plants and grass torn out from this side of the lot to make room. There are still two stumps there which need to come out at some point and some hanging tasks to get through before we can start building out the area.  Things don't always move as quickly as I want them to. But progress is being made and sometimes, I need to take a hard look at photos we've snapped throughout the entire renovation process to remind myself of that.

I love a good before and after, don't you?  Behold! After just four back-breaking hours, the side yard went from this.... to that!

Here's a rudimentary sketch up of next steps.

In tomorrow's post, I'll share some other Spring renovations we have planned for Holtwood House, including a sneak peak at the front exterior.

Top image via / All other images from Holtwood Hipster

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