Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Hip List // 'Valentino' Edition

The latest addition to our family needs very few material goods to keep him happy.  Nonetheless, I've created a hit list of a few items we'll be picking up to make sure he's well represented and comfortable within our household. As far as pet accessories go, I always think it best to keep it simple and classic. Valentino's darling little mug and undeniable charms make frilly fuss and adornment unnecessary anyway.

A stylish new soft harness by Puppia will keep him comfy and make him the envy of all the dogs on the walking trail near our house. Classic brass tags with all the necessary details will help bring him back to us should he ever go astray (he's chipped too!). I'm loving the simplicity and polish of these stainless/acacia wood dog bowls! A solid, well made leather leash will last forever. We'll freshen up Valentino's funny little face with these vet-approved pet wipes. We hear he likes to fetch a ball! These tennis ball launchers will make sure our arms can keep up with his playful spirit. Finally, I was able to find a seat protector customized to fit my car. This will help keep water, dirt and sand off the backseat following trips to the beach or park.

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