Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kitchen Wallpaper Reveal

If you've been following along for any length of time, you'll know just how excited I was to get the wallpaper up in our kitchen dining area. I had ordered a sample of Erika Wakerly's 'Angles' in the white/silver color way many, many months ago and there it sat, taped to the wall - a hopeful reminder that someday this space would take a more formal shape. 

Santa (aka my Husband and Mother In Law) packaged up this long awaited gift for me over the holidays and we booked some time with my Pops over this past weekend to get it up on the wall. In just a couple of hours, he showed me how it's done.

It was fun to play apprentice that day, watching as he matched, measured and cut with precision around sockets and door frames. Though he's been doing it for many years, in the end,  I felt sure I could probably hang a simple wall or two on my own, someday down the line - though maybe I'll test out my skills with a far less expensive roll... 

We don't get a lot of natural light in this part of the house. So it was important to us that the paper we selected would help brighten up the space, not just add decoration. It was difficult to capture in these photos, but the light that does come in through the adjacent patio windows reflects beautifully off the chaotic metallic design, accomplishing what we were hoping it would do.  We moved the glass cabinet back in place along the wall and added some backlighting. It actually looks a little formal, so I'm hoping to 'dress it down' a bit with artwork, some new textiles around the table and accessories. 


Trissta said...

It looks amazing, girl!! I love it! And what an amazing santa you have... Mine just gave me socks.

Much Love,

Liz Jordan said...

That is fantastic! Do you find yourself making your way to the kitchen just to stare in awe? Because that is what I would do. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Eeeee!! I love it! It looks so cool! xo

Kristen said...

Yay! So fun! So glad you finally got your wallpaper, it looks so good.

Hannah said...

Goooorgeous!!! Can't wait to see more pictures!
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Elissae said...


celine said...

OMG. It turned out amazingly! xoxo

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