Thursday, January 23, 2014

Make This // Geo Dowel Pendant Fixture

I recently shared some pictures from the big New Years bash we had here at the house and today, I thought I'd highlight one of the design elements that went into the party decor.

We were expecting a lengthy guest list and wanted to make good use of every corner of the property. So though it was unseasonably warm that night, we staged a tent out by the pool to house another seating area for guests. Tent lighting options are readily available from party rental companies, but I always opt to create a unique statement piece of my own. I have an affection for lighting fixtures in general- but especially those that are inventive and make good use of understated items to create something more dramatic. The dowel pendants I came up with were heavily inspired not only by my fixation of late on geometric patterns, but by the seasonal Himmeli that adorn Scandinavian houses at Christmastime. So there was both a motivation to infuse something handmade, but also meaningful and relevant to the time of year.  The fringe benefit? These were inexpensive to make which left extra budget available for other more important expenditures like cocktails.

I have to tell you that though these may look complicated, they honestly came together so easily. I was convinced they'd fall apart with the first evening gust. But the glue has held them strong and sturdy well past the turning of the New Year. 

Here's the how to.

What you'll need:
1/4" wood dowels sourced from craft supply store
Hot glue gun/sticks
Plug in pendant lighting kit
Filament Bulb

To create a design like mine, you'll need 24 - 12" dowels. I also used Ikea's Hemma lighting kit. But you can also find similar kits at Urban Outfitters and on Amazon.  I finished off the pendant with an old fashioned filament bulb for effect, sourced right from my local Home Depot.

For our large party tent, I made two separate fixtures and hung them side by side. I also left the wood dowels unpainted for this affair. But, these can be easily repurposed with a little paint to create an entirely new look for our next party. See? It's a win win and good use of resources.

Party on.


celine said...

You're my hero.

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

I adore this!! I'm so glad you posted this because I was so curious! Dying to try this.

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