Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Design Dilemma // Table Leg + Stool Pairings

I really thought I had it all figured out. I've had the barstools and legs picked out for our custom built mahogany dining table top for months and months now. But then the wall color changed and the windows got all black and steely on me and well... I find myself at a design cross-roads with new decisions to make. So what better an opportunity to pass the buck and turn to you design-enthusiasts for a little help in making selections?

Here's where we stand above. We're choosing to leave the windows bare and show off all that clean, black framing. The table will be counter-height, not bar height unfortunately due to the drop in the chandelier. No sense saddling up to the table if you can't see the person sitting across from you, right?

We're having the legs fabricated by a local welder to meet our height and width requirements. While I always hoped for a polished X base on the table, those window frames have me reconsidering a more streamlined flat-black square base. There is a lot of chrome already in the space with the chandelier above and lighting in adjacent living room. So perhaps it's best to downplay the polish at the table. 

As such, I'm leaning toward the black square base paired with the minimalist black stools. I think the footprint on the stools is just right and will allow that warm wood to take center stage by sliding just under the table. Of course, the stool selection will be a stretch budget-wise, but the legs will probably come in a bit lower than the 'X' base or other chromed out option.

So dish. What is your favorite pairing? 



celine said...

The window frames look amazing! Love the simple black. Yes, I would pick the black table base, but I still love those director's chairs. xoxo Killer!

Liz Jordan said...

My style statement relies heavily on contrast so it's no surprise that I absolutely love the flat black legs. For the stools though I'm a bit stumped. I almost wish you could mix the two minimalist options. I love the shape of the black with chrome legs but wish it were in that dark brown leather. I'm just afraid the leather and chrome stool itself is too boxy. That's my design 2 cents (more like 5, given the novel I just wrote!).

erin williamson said...

Is that a giant Larry Sultan photograph?!?!?!

And ok, I haven't been following along but I am wondering why the table won't be regular table height, thereby giving you more chair options. I am sure there's a reason! Sorry to have to ask.

Trissta said...

Hmmmmm... I love the black square legs. They repeat the black of the windows so well. However, I don't know if I would do the black minimalist stool with the black legs. Seems like the would almost blend in too much and cause it to really darken the room. I would almost say to contrast them with the leather and chrome stools. Def not a fan of the director chairs. But then if you're doing a mahogany top... hmmmmmmmm.... Idk. I'd lean towards the black again.

Much Love,

elissae said...

My pick is one of the chrome bases and black chairs. I do like the directors chair as the many lines of the chair will add the touch of black that you are looking for with out being too
heavy. I think chrome table legs will give you a pop and keep your eye moving around the room. But it will be a bit obscured by the table top and chairs so it won't be overwhelming to the rest of the room. The x-design might be too much with the directors chairs though. So I'd go with the square chrome table legs.

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

I love your framed photo!! and the chandy! So fab! I'm not sure which would be most comfortable....I would pick that one....because I would not want to leave that beautiful room! But really, I can't tell which would look best with what. I think I would need to see it in person.

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