Monday, October 7, 2013

Slow Weekend

This weekend was a slow weekend. It was just the kind that's needed from time to time to properly rest and replenish the reserves. We had a big wind event that sort of took center stage throughout the day on Saturday. Fall in Southern California is famous for it's seasonal Santa Ana Winds. For those of you not acquainted, you can almost liken them to a 24 hour, hot, apocalyptic windstorm that most of us watch the effects of from behind closed doors and windows. Streets empty, allergies flare and anything not tethered down outside will eventually make its way down the street or into your neighbor's pool. But it's usually the type of nudge we here in California need to feel in order to realize the season has changed and Fall has arrived.

So I took the opportunity of a housebound start to the weekend to putt around and get organized. All those things that seem to pull and nag at me while I sit at my desk during the workweek got addressed. One thing on my punch list was to hit up my bathroom vanity. I cleaned make-up brushes and organized shadows. I recharged that Clarisonic that has sat dead in my drawer for the last three months and vowed to make it a daily habit once again. I discovered entire bags of brand new lipsticks and hair products that I had tossed under the cupboard one day long before and completely forgotten about. I eventually worked around to my bedroom closet and drawers and rediscovered a few items I didn't realize I had. Amazingly, I was able to reduce many of my needs by taking a few hours to find I had most of them already at my disposal.

The weather outside helped me really feel the season. I even stopped by the market and picked up a bunch of seasonal squash and pumpkin and created our Fall table in the dining room. Coffee in hand, I walked by it this morning and I don't know, today just felt a little different going into another workweek, like I had already accomplished so much. 

Note to self: Busy is good, but sometimes slow is even better.



Hannah said...

UGH this weekend was SO hot. Walked outside after a windy morning on Saturday in tight skinny jeans and booties and almost had a heat stroke at lunch.

I tried to get some organizing done this weekend too -- sounds like you got a lot accomplished!

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Kristen said...

Is it weird that I actually really like the Santa Ana's? Warm winds feel nice sometimes, minus all the sneezing.

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

Santa Ana winds me of that movie with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet...when they switch homes....I love weekends like the one you had. They feel so soulfully efficient.....and cleaning and sprucing up a vanity is so fullfilling.

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