Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Loving Lately // Rituals

Like most, there's nothing I love more than a good adventure, chock full of first-time experiences. But I've also come to realize one true thing about myself and that is that I really thrive under good old consistency and repetition. Day to day rituals that I can count on help center me and still my soul, particularly when change or chaos is present elsewhere in my life. Here are a few that I've been particularly loving lately.

Teatime at Bedtime // I'm a coffee drinker at heart, but over the past few weeks I've taken to brewing a cup of Sleepytime Tea at night just before bed. It's funny how I've come to look forward to this simple unwinding ritual as a formal way to mark the end to each day. As a side benefit, my tea of choice has a subtle sweetness to it and I've found it helpful in curbing my late night sweet tooth.

The Full Face // As someone who works from home, I find I can very easily skip the make-up routine altogether and spend the day in front of the computer with nary a speck of shadow or foundation. But I recently re-organized my vanity drawers and have rediscovered the pleasure of a beauty rituals; regularly applying hand creams, picking out the day's lip color, even adhering to both an am/pm face washing routine (gasp!)

Playing up the Season // The Labor Day grill had only just cooled when right on cue, I found myself cozying up the house and filling my shopping basket with pumpkins to carve. There's something comforting about seasonal tasks that even temporarily alter our living spaces and rotate what is on our plate. I may not roast squash any other time of year, but I know that come every October, it's earthy sweetness will fill my kitchen nearly all month long.

In their purest form, rituals really are all about comfort aren't they?  What are some of the ritualistic ways you find comfort as you go about your day?

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Albertina M. Cisneros said...

I love sleepytime teas too!! I usually go for chamomille or tilo (tilleul) that my mom brings me from abroad. There has to be an equivalent here....not sure what it is. Its so relaxing and I love that its warm in these colder evenings.

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