Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Current Fixation // Sansevieria

I love when I rediscover an old favorite. Coming back to something once loved and forgotten with fresh eyes makes it feel like another something brand new altogether. 

That's where I'm at with Sansevieria. 

I remember it fondly as an easy plant I had placed about my first apartment. It was easy to care for and inexpensively sourced from my local IKEA or Home Depot. It never gave me any trouble and flourished in my third floor sun-lit studio quite well. But somewhere along the way, we fell out of touch and it's taken me almost a decade to come back around again. 

Perhaps I thought it too tropical to mix in with my current collection of desert loving cactus and succulents. Maybe I even considered it a shade plant (it's not necessarily) and just thought it had no place amongst our shadeless landscaping plan. But eventually, I've seen once again what I originally fell for in the first place- the modern architectural lines in the vertical twists and turns of its foliage, the glossy thick, variegated coloring in its ribs and its uncanny ability to infuse a little height on a table or in a corner where some is lacking.

Sansevieria is known by a few odd common names that make it sound, well a little scary... Snake Plant, Devil's Tongue, Mother in Law's Tongue are just a few. But it's actually well regarded as a very  peaceful plant - eco-friendly and found to improve air quality, often presented as a goodwill gift ahead of business negotiations in Korea and ideal for feng shui. 

So I'm taking a second look and targeting a couple of areas around the house that have given me a few challenges with other varietals. I have a feeling this old friend will come through for me once more.

Top:  Houzz
Middle (from top left):  1 . 2 . 3 
Bottom (from top left): 1. 2 . 3. 4. 5



Albertina M. Cisneros said...

I love it as well. My husband was actually thinking he should get one for his library. I love the name- mother-in-law's tongue...The images are beautiful

celine {aquahaus} said...

me likey. I need some plants for my backyard that like shade. Suggestions??

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