Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Pumpkin Design Inspired by My Favorite Wallpaper

True story. I've had a swatch of Erika Wakerly's "Angles" Wallpaper in the White/Silver color way hanging by a piece of blue tape on my kitchen wall for over a year now. Funnily enough, every time somebody visits the house for the first time, I always feel compelled to point it out and explain that someday, the wall will be eventually be papered with it, as if to make excuses as to why after four years, the kitchen still has this unfinished look about it. When the paper goes up, we can finally hang the artwork there as well... see, now I'm making excuses to you too! 

But that background is precisely what you need to hear in order to understand my loyalty to this pattern and why I turned to it when deciding how to decorate my pumpkins this Fall. 

I've also been pretty intrigued of late with all the edgy nail designs out there- you know the ones with thin metallic lines running across the nail, sometimes forming intricate patterns. On a whim, I researched just what salons use to create them and found myself ordering up a dozen rolls for under $10. When they arrived, I had the idea that they'd make an ideal craft medium and that's when inspiration struck.

I ended up spraying a small assortment of pumpkins of various shapes and sizes with flat black and white spray paint. From there, I chose to use the metallic white, copper, gold and silver tape that came with my new collection to create an interpretation of my someday wallpaper. Armed with only a small pair of manicure scissors, the tape actually went on extremely easy and not surprisingly, adheres great to the painted pumpkin. 

I played up all the black and white by creating a coffee table display out on the patio. With the exception of Christmas, I don't do a ton of seasonal decorating. But here, I like the modern take on the traditional decorated pumpkin.  

But let's be honest. It also ties me over until Santa can put a couple rolls of paper in my stocking.


Anonymous said...

That wallpaper is gorgeous and this DIY is awesome! Can't wait to head out and get my hands on some pumpkins.

jackie jade said...

love your wallper inspiration and what a chic way to decorate pumpkins. would love to try something like this!
-- jackie @ jade and oak

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

LOOOVE that wallpaper!! I think Santa and the halloween pumpkin, and some elves and the easter bunny should all bring a few rolls each for you!! Love your pumpkins too...so unique!

Alison Dulaney said...

These are so pretty! And that wallpaper is just fantastic!

yourcyberhelper said...

These is an awesome idea but I don’t have carving talent. So, isn’t it just great to know that there are no carving Best Pumpkin Carving Ideas available in this collection?:D

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