Monday, November 5, 2012

Framed Mineral Art

I've had a fascination of late with rocks, minerals and marbling. You'll find them piled up in bowls, used as coasters and adorning boxes throughout our house. While I've previously talked about my minimalist tendencies, when it comes to these semi-precious sparklers, I've been borrowing from the more is definitely more theory in decorating.

So I'm pretty sure this is going to happen- perhaps in the master bedroom or bath. I've been slowly collecting flat backed geodes and agate slices for some time and now I'm contemplating framing options. I just love how the white matting draws attention to the different shapes, colors and textures in these specimens here. The installation I have planned would add some much needed visual interest and color to our master. But it would also serve as a good reminder of how crazy beautiful this world of ours can be- something perfectly suited for a place we start and end each day.


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Kristen said...

I've been really into this kind of thing as well lately! Looking for some great big ones to use as bookends or paperweights. Hadn't thought of framing them like this though. Great idea.

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