Friday, November 16, 2012

Holiday Table // Papered Tablescapes

Tradition tells us to formally set a holiday table with our best linens and china. But there's also something to be said for a little simplicity around the edges, particularly when it comes to such a storied and time intensive meal as the Thanksgiving feast. 

I've always been a fan of the formal table myself and truth be told, my plans this year do involve linen, flowers and candles. But playing devil's advocate, one needn't exhaust energy planning and buying for a formal table when in spirit, the holiday really focuses on the food and the company you will share the meal with.

Today I'm sharing another way of approaching your holiday table- interactive with easy clean up.

Crafty entertainers have long employed paper liners to keep little ones busy and simplify party clean up. But I'm loving the new breed of disposable table dressings like these Cake Kitchen runners and place mats carried at West Elm. 

Plain white butcher paper has given way to chalkboard and brown craft papers that can be doodled on before, during or after dinner. They can be marked up with festive sentiments straight across the dining table or sketched out to establish seating assignments. I drew attention to a pizza station over the summer with arrows and bold lettering- perfect for a gathering that emphasized handmade personal pies.

  • Encourage family and friends to add some extra flair!  Arrange cups filled with chalk or colorful soft-tipped markers down the center of the table so guests can doodle over dessert. Just take care to line your surface underneath with an extra sheet or two in order to catch anything that might bleed through.
  • Drape across the entire table or break up the table with a runner. Don't just stick to lengthwise either. Shorter strips can also be arranged horizontally to be shared by table mates across from one another.
  • Have the best of both worlds. Why not layer paper right over linen for a restaurant-style approach to dining? Papered table drapes are ideal for drip-prone, buffet style set ups as well.
  • Keep kids (and adults) out of the kitchen during that last hectic hour. Create a papered worktable complete with supplies and snacks. Encourage the big "kids" at your gathering to join in the fun and leave a message telling you what they are most thankful for this year.
Image Credits:  In the Now Weddings and Events / West Elm / Martha Stewart



Emily Sloan said...

This is a great effect! I especially love the hand drawn placemats and flatware. Any project that involves nothing more than a roll of paper and a sharpie is something I can get on board with. And you can use the extra paper for those cute gift wrappings you posted about the other day!

Emily Davis said...

I love that 'pick your seat' one! Too cute and too easy!

xoxo, Emily

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