Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday Gifting // Package Creatively

Half the fun in giving a gift is imagining the look on the recipients face when you finally place it in their hands, is it not?  I have this in mind each time I wrap a gift, but at no time more than during the holidays. There is a spirit of child-like wonder in the air that makes giving and receiving so much fun. I like to parlay that spirit into themed or unexpected packaging that is often part of the gift itself. 

Today, I'm sharing some creative ways to package your holiday gifts that will no doubt make a big impression, even before the true gift is revealed.

1 |  2 |  3 |  4
 1 |  2 |  3 |  4
 1 |  2 |  3 |  4

1 |  2 |  3 |  4 |  5 |  6 |  7


Kristen said...

Omg so many great options!! Love when thought goes into the presentation. Makes all the difference.

Emily Davis said...

I am such a believer that presentation is key! Thanks for sharing these great ideas- LOVE those adorable jars!

xoxo, Emily

Emily Sloan said...

These containers are so cute, and gifts in their own right! Perfect for storing the little nick-nacks we all seem to collect. I also love to use chinese food containers (super cheap!)

Erika [small shop] said...

OK, those wood stumps are very cool! I would not want to throw that one away!

Albertina || Mimosa Lane said...

There are some amazing options here I had never seen!! It almost doesn't matter what is inside with that col packaging!

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