Friday, November 9, 2012

Holiday Table // Personalized Messages

Friends, I somehow caught that head cold plague that's been going around and it's all but held me hostage for the latter part of this week. It has not been fun. The only upside has been a little downtime in front of the TV as well as catching up with some of my favorite blogs.

Through my perusing, I became a little captivated with the idea of personalized messages to all of those gathered around my Thanksgiving table. It needn't involve a detailed accounting of why I'm thankful to have each person in my life. Simple messages often pack the same punch. Sitting down for the long awaited meal, would you not be completely taken aback by a short and sweet statement such as the one above (stitched right into your napkin no less)?

Such a message makes an even bigger impact set against an unfussy backdrop. The focus is on the welcoming words and the time and thought taken to include them as part of your holiday table.

Enjoy the weekend.

Image by Jeroen Van deer Spek for VT Wonen


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