Friday, April 27, 2012

Lots of These In My Immediate Future

Hi friends! I can't believe we've moved on through another week. I have absolutely no idea where it went. I'm reading your blogs too and I'm thinking these are just some busy times! Many of you are feeling the exact same way.

I've been spending my evenings prepping for the first install over at my sister's place. Remember I told you we were planning some updates? We're starting with the Master Bedroom first, because let's face it- if Mom's happy, everyone is happy right?  My sister works so hard and my hope is that this little update will give her a relaxing respite at the end of her hectic day.

So I'll be piling up some of the goodies I've been collecting into the ol' Coop and will head on over to her place bright and early Saturday morning. The plan is to fire up the sewing machine and maybe brew some of these tall cold ones, so we can really get down to business.

Curious to see some of the ideas we're kicking around? I've been pinning some of them onto my Project B Pinterest board. I may even share some WIP shots this weekend via Twitter (@HoltwoodHipster). Are you following?

How 'bout you? Are you planning any projects this weekend or will it be no work and all play?

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mikky said...

I have been drooling over this cold ice coffee photo of yours for over a week. I`ve had this post open on my iphone all week and keep peaking at it. I`ve finally pinned it to my pinterest board (haven`t installed the app on my phone yet). So I guess regarding projects I`m working on, I think I`ll be working on making and drinking a few glasses of this delish drink!

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