Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lighting Love @ Holtwood House {Part 2}

Today I thought I'd follow up to yesterday's post and give you a peek at some of the other lighting details here at the house.

We knew long before we ever laid eyes on our home that a Sputnik of some sort would someday hang in our dining room. This was the very first purchase we made while we were still in Escrow and we couldn't wait to hang it. There are some incredible one of a kind versions out there - pricey, gilded and vintage. We would have been happy to have any one of them. But the one we chose fit our vision and budget and there it hangs, patiently awaiting the dining table we are finally having made.

Just last week we added a dimmer switch so we could control the lighting on this sucker. With more than 20 bulbs, I can't tell you how much more we love it's more subtle glow now.

The guest bath was a bit of a challenge. It has no natural light so we needed to compensate with some well lit fixtures. We added a small recessed lamp over the shower and I can't tell you what a difference just that made. We ripped out the old fluorescent lighting that once hung above the vanity and then chose some retro-inspired globe lights to play up the retro community "plunge" theme slowly taking shape in there (we're pretty excited about that swimming pool out back). The lighting will one day reflect off some wallpaper behind the mirrors and blue-green glass subway tile in the shower area.

Prior to going into Escrow on Holtwood House, we had waited patiently for our bid on another house to go through (short sale- 100 agonizing days of waiting only to learn the house went to another). While we waited on that previous house, I did what everyone tells you not to do and virtually decorated the entire thing. I know... big no, no. Way to set myself up, huh? These pendants came out of that pointless exercise. The house-that-never-was had already been updated and with newly laid rustic flooring and stonework, it felt like some industrial elements might have worked nicely in that space. I fell in love with these lighting fixtures just in time for our bid to fall through and so they came to live with us in the house that finally came to be.  We might have gone in another direction for this particular space had we waited and perhaps someday we will switch them out. But for now, we're very content to have these polished pretties lighting up our dinner table each night.

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