Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hardware Aisle Grazing

With renovations kicking back into high gear around here, The Mister and I have spent a lot of time in the hardware aisle lately and are frequent flyers at both our local big box retailers and specialty lumberyards. I must admit that I get a little tingle of excitement each time we roll up to the lot with the trip's list. Because every time I step foot inside the door, I'm reminded of other projects I want to tackle around the house and find that inspiration lies around every corner.

One day soon, all the doorknobs in the house will be replaced- including the front door hardware. I fell hard for these modern levers and am searching for a similar profile with a more affordable price tag.

Speaking of affordable, The Home Depot offers these Neutra knock-offs at a steal. I've sort of been pining for the Neutra Numbers for like-ever, but tackling facelifts on every front of a 1960's Rancher does damage to the savings. Sometimes, we have to pick our battles. I'm happy to say that these made it into the cart on the last trip.  

Likewise, this modern steel mailbox is a suitable alternative to pricier versions out there, no?

I mentioned in a previous post that I'll be working on some projects over at my Sister's place. I priced out lots of supplies on a recent visit.  

Is it possible to have a crush on wood? I say it is. I snapped these pics of some particularly handsome lumber we were considering for two separate projects, while at our local specialty lumberyard. One of them will make an appearance at Holtwood House. The pocketbook is betting on the Mahogany. 

The Home Depot is great for project grade lumber like we'll use elsewhere, including our vegetable beds. I have to say that I pass these sawhorses every time I visit and keep envisioning custom dining tables for a future poolside party. 

We're likely to add a wire fence and gate to the entrance of our future vegetable garden. I recently scoped out supplies for that venture as well. With the side yard at last cleared of the remaining shrubbery, this project is finally feeling like sooner, rather than later.

*All photos snapped at The Home Depot, Lowes and Ganahl Lumber

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Michelle said...

Love those modern house numbers! Mine could DEF use some new ones!

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