Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lighting Love @ Holtwood House: {Part 1}

With all the exterior action taking place this week, I thought I'd highlight some of the projects we've accomplished within the walls of Holtwood House as well.

One of the things people always comment on when they visit, is the lighting throughout the house.  There is lots to share with you on this topic so I think I'll tackle this one in two parts.

But first, a bit of context. I'm a big believer in thoughtfully planned lighting. It's as essential to entertaining as the music and the bubbly. Around the house, it can liven up a plain, so-so room and even make a large scale space suddenly feel warm and cozy. I also believe in well placed dimmers and incandescent light whenever possible. Honestly, I've yet to meet an LED or fluorescent I'm attracted to. But lately, even I'm finding that my eco-sensibility is having to argue more frequently with my design-desires. As a good global citizen, I'm one foot in, but I'm having a tough time boarding that ship.

Let's face it. Lighting can be expensive- especially when you are looking to outfit an entire house. We've been fortunate enough to have recessed lighting installed throughout our space. It was our first big update after we moved in and really brought the house current. I mean, I squealed with glee as I flipped each light switch on and off, astounded at the effect it had on our then bare bones rooms.  With furniture in, it gave us a great backstory, eventually allowing us to play with dimmers to create mood. But it's the fixtures themselves that ultimately lend our living quarters much of the personality people notice when they walk in the front door.

I crush often and I crush hard on out of reach designer lighting fixtures. Favorites include just about anything Robert Abbey produces, but especially his Anemone Flush Mount (spotted it while dining at Mr. Parker's and vowed that someday it will be mine) and there's also Jonathan Adler's Meurice chandelier.  I also love me a funky vintage Sputnik and I'd give almost anything for that Tom Dixon  copper pendant. Sometimes a dusty and crusty Craiglist find will do it for me as well. But I have to say that I also fall fast and hard for some of the creative lighting solutions I've run across on my favorite blogs and at least one or two of these budget-friendly, DIYs have come to the rescue and satisfied my lighting fixation.

Like this Branch Chandelier.

Jenny had stumbled upon the project elsewhere herself and then spotlighted it on Little Green Notebook. When I saw it, I just knew I needed to have that pretty little thing hanging overhead while I worked the day away in my office. It was a fast and easily tackled project and at 7 watts a bulb,  I still have some big ideas to expand on it.  I'll probably eventually finish it off with a simple ceiling medallion.

Then there was this one.

This DIY Sputnik was also featured on LGN, but this time it was Jenny's own hack that gave me inspiration. It was more time consuming than the first, but in the end, not as complicated as it looks. It currently hangs in our guest bedroom, commanding an audience from any passerby in the hallway and anointing those who sleep in the bed beneath with VIP status. It's one of my favorite things in the house.

Meet me back here tomorrow and I'll sneak you a peek at some of the other fixtures lighting up our life here at Holtwood House.

* Image Credits: Holtwood Hipster


Jessica {The Aestate} said...

First of all thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!...And I'm so with you on the LED/fluorescent bulbs. I refuse to use them, but I figure I'll make up for it buy being super green in all other areas of my life...Anyways, these are gorgeous fixtures, can't wait to see the rest!

Jamie and Vashti said...

Thanks for the nice comment on our blog! I did the same Ikea chandelier seen on LGN that you did! I love it! I wish I had just spray painted the disks bc I ended up having to put way to many coats of paint on each side and that became very time consuming, but worth it in the end! Love it in your room! Love your blog! Thank you so much for stopping by ours! xo

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