Monday, April 29, 2013

Summer 2013 Wardrobe // Zara Favorites

All the focus on landscaping the yards these past couple of weeks has left me feeling kind of... well dirty - as in dirt in my hair, under my nails and embedded into every fiber of clothing that I've managed to destroy in the process. With most of the dirty work now behind us, I woke up this Monday morning craving something flowery, flowy and fresh to put on. These looks from Zara are just the look and feel I'm after.

Things have started to heat up around here and toiling away on those hot days has also taught me a little something about my long hair. I'm feeling ready to ditch the pony-tail for summer and sport a more polished bob like the models above. 

Do you have a summer look in mind?



Kristen said...

LOVE these looks for summer. I have def been thinking about chopping some of this hair off. I totally feel like I need a little style pick me up after all of this messy home stuff!

Elizabeth // The Now said...

I was just saying that there are about 1 bajillion things I want from Zara!!! These are all perfect for summer in Dallas. Once it gets really hot, there is no point to wear pants or long sleeves as you will just melt away!! xo

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

Was just there yesterday....they have the cutest blazers....and a fuschia dress that seems ideal!

xello said...

Your hair looks great! I'm not brave enough to color mine at home. I get mine done at the hairdressers - once every 7 wks. I've pushed it out as far as I possibly can to save on

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